Digital4th - Updating privacy laws for the digital age

Your privacy rights are slipping away in the digital age.

On Wednesday, April 27, the House passed H.R. 699, the Email Privacy Act with a successful 419-0 vote. We support this bill as a crucial step forward in protecting Americans’ digital privacy rights. Now it’s time for the Senate to take up this bill and update our Internet privacy laws by requiring a warrant to access online communications.

Learn more about the efforts to update our outdated Internet privacy laws and the need to protect our digital rights through ECPA reform.

Letters you send in the
mail are protected

Files you store in your desk
drawer are protected

But emails, documents, and other information stored online are NOT!

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Join us in our campaign to affirm Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights online.

Technology changes, but the Constitution should not. There is overwhelming and incredibly diverse support to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

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Tell Them to End Warrantless Snooping

Contact your Member of Congress today, urging them to support ECPA reform and protect Americans’ privacy on the web:

  • ECPA, the law that protects our privacy online, hasn’t been updated since 1986 - before the world wide web. That has to change.
  • With broad, bipartisan support, ECPA reform is a simple solution that can be passed immediately by Congress.
  • ECPA reform helps the economy by creating trust online. That’s why dozens of technology companies support it’s passage.

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