The following issue briefs provide an in-depth look into current online privacy legislation, and the need to protect our digital rights through ECPA reform.

Issue Brief 1

ECPA and the Tech Industry

PDF, 14kB

ECPA impacts all Americans because their information is vulnerable to government intrusion. The tech industry, in particular, is fighting to update the law.

Issue Brief 2

ECPA and the Cloud

PDF, 13kB

The failure to update ECPA threatens the global competitiveness of the United States and risks losing American jobs to foreign competitors.

Issue Brief 3


PDF, 44kB

ECPA reform would not interfere with national security or terrorism investigations.

Issue Brief 4

ECPA and Law Enforcement

PDF, 21kB

Current and former law enforcement officials agree that requiring a warrant will not hinder their investigations.

Issue Brief 5

A Historical Perspective of ECPA

PDF, 15kB

Our nation has a history of protecting Constitutional rights.

Issue Brief 6

CDT Analysis of DOJ Testimony

PDF, 101kB

The dangers of ECPA exemptions for civil agencies.

Issue Brief 7

ECPA Issues - One Pagers

PDF, 125 kB

Current law already enables law enforcement officials to obtain data in emergency situations involving serious injury or death.

Issue Brief 8

The Fix is In: ECTR Amendment

PDF, 73kB

The effort to enact intelligence-related reforms in the eleventh hour to a bill that doesn’t touch intelligence authorities should be roundly rejected.