| Press Release | Washington, D.C.

Digital 4th – a privacy coalition comprised of Americans for Tax Reform, American Civil Liberties Union, Heritage Action for America and the Center for Democracy & Technology – today released the following statement regarding the recommendations of the Big Data report as they specifically relate to updating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA):

“The report to the President, issued by the White House today, recognizes how important it is to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). It clearly says that Americans should have the same privacy protections for their emails and online documents as they do for files physically stored in their homes and offices.

“It is disappointing the SEC has been holding up legislation that has broad bipartisan support in Congress. We are hopeful that today’s report gives the White House the information it needs to come out in support of clean ECPA reform – with no carve outs for civil agencies like the IRS and the SEC.”

To speak to a member of the coalition on the White House’s Big Data Report recommendations and what the report means for ECPA reform, contact: (703) 535-3390 or press@digital4th.org