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Representatives Kevin Yoder (R-KS) and Jared Polis (D-CO) spoke on email privacy and the need for ECPA reform Thursday night during Google+ Hangout  hosted by the Digital 4th coalition and GenOpp. Reps. Yoder and Polis discussed their Email Privacy Act, why updating ECPA is long overdue and the actions individuals can take to help push for ECPA reform. The two representatives also discussed the path forward for their ECPA reform legislation once it receives support from a majority of the House.

Excerpts from Reps. Yoder and Polis :

“I have yet to find a member of Congress that I sat down and explained this to who didn’t really agree. Getting the magic number of 218 is very important. We would like to be at a position where we can go to the Speaker of the House and say there is already a majority of people signed on to this, so if you put this on the floor it will pass.” Congressman Kevin Yoder

“We are very close to what we in Congress like to call the magic number, which is 218 and we want to keep growing from there. The reason that is the magic number, for those of you who remember high school math, that is more than half of 435 which is how many people we have in the House. So, we are getting close.” – Representative Jared Polis



To watch the full Google Hangout with Representatives Yoder and Polis on email privacy, click here