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Senator Rand Paul discussed the necessity for ECPA reform Wednesday evening during a Google Hangout hosted by the Digital 4th Coalition and Generation Opportunity. Paul spoke to the current state of Americans’ online privacy and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, in addition to the pending bipartisan legislation in the Senate to update ECPA, civil agencies seeking special carve outs to solidify their power over online communications and why internet privacy resonates with Millennials.

Excerpts from Sen. Paul:

“Technology has evolved so rapidly that I think we have a host of new questions that we have to address.”

“[T]he government is always going to want more power and they’re never going to want to give up any power. They want to be able to have what are called administrative subpoenas instead of judicial warrants. There’s a difference between that. A judicial warrant – the judiciary is an independent body.”


To watch the full Google Hangout with Senator Rand Paul on internet privacy, click here