Should You Do SEO Yourself?

Search engine optimization helps a website to get more traffic from search engines like Google. Whether you build the SEO knowledge yourself or rely on an SEO expert is an important decision. The following points should help you to make the right choice.

Good search engine optimization decides on the success or failure of a site. Accordingly, it is important to deal with the topic. As the person responsible for optimization, you have to deal with some topics, before you think about the question of outsourcing, it is important to know what to do:

1. Analysis and Visibility

Before the search engine optimization can be started, a well-founded analysis of the SEO key figures is inevitable. It is necessary to search through data from various areas such as user numbers from Google Analytics, visibility indices, keyword potentials, loading times, mobility, etc.. A list of free SEO tools for analysis can be found here.

2. Different Methods

The analysis will result in various findings, which should then be defined and processed as measures. It has proven itself to divide the measures of the On-Page SEO into 3 categories. We differentiate between:

Technical, i.e. everything that deals with the basic structure of the site and is usually regulated by a programmer or in the CMS settings.

Structural, deals with the URL structure and the placement of keywords in Titles, Texts, Alt-Tags, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, etc.

Content, which is all about defining and writing the right articles about topics and keywords, but also about the interactivity of the text, so that the bounce rates are low and the length of stay high.

3. Technical SEO

If loading times are a problem, it is often not enough to reduce the image size. For example, it is also about changing the loading logic of the page, because usually, not everything has to be loaded at the same time. Here the programmers come into play and the SEO responsible must finally take over the implementation of the measures.

4. Structural SEO

After the analysis, the keyword definition or, in the case of pages that have already been optimized, the ongoing expansion of the keywords takes place. It is not only a question of thinking up keywords, but also of carrying out a demand check. If there is little or no demand for the keywords, the optimization is usually not worthwhile. The important keywords are then systematically built into the page, starting from the URL structure to the meta description. This is one of the most important tasks of SEO Managers and accordingly, a lot of time should be allowed for it.

5. Content SEO

With Content SEO, the texts, images, videos, etc. are prepared according to the topic and the most important thing is that they are presented to the user in such a way that he likes to stay on the site for a long time. This leads on the one hand to the fact that the page is visited more often and also the length of stay goes up and the jump rate down. Both are very important key figures.

It is a full-time job

Only from the shortlisting of the tasks, which one must complete in the SEO area, it becomes clear that this will take some time. Accordingly, the search engine optimization is not a task that is quickly done in passing. For New York SEO and any other big city, the competition is intense and needs you to constantly be on your toes and work on the strength of your website.

In the ideal world, the tasks are done in-house by your own employee. The know-how is getting bigger and bigger and you profit from increasing numbers of visitors in the long run. However, this wishful thinking will only work for larger companies, because there are several problems with this scenario.

Employees come and go, and the knowledge built up is correspondingly volatile. If an employee wants to leave the company again after 2-3 years, the whole development work is gone and one starts with the abilities again completely in front.

In addition, it is not possible for smaller companies to provide a full-time employee for the SEO area, accordingly many other tasks will have to be supervised and we all know that often than the strategically important measures often remain because it “burns” with other things.

The only way out is to outsource the SEO activity, because this gives me a long-term solution, with high expertise and lower costs, because I don’t have to pay for a full-time job.

How to ultimately implement SEO must be decided by each individual, the only important thing is that it is done with the necessary knowledge and time. Accordingly, we wish you every success with your projects.